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An Idea BRUs

By |2018-08-25T15:29:32+00:00January 1st, 2008|Our Story|

Christian and his buddy grab drinks at the World of Beer in Westchase and discuss how awesome it would be to own a bar. The wives throw a [...]

Tying the Knot

By |2018-08-25T21:38:09+00:00January 1st, 2007|Our Story|

They marry in Miami. Jill drops her long, Polish last name and officially becomes a BRUgal. Jill still hasn’t changed her opinion on craft beer based on any [...]

Tampa Calling

By |2018-08-25T21:18:13+00:00January 1st, 2004|Our Story|

Jill & Christian are drawn to the sunny skies and I-275 traffic, making Tampa Bay their new home base. With a new corporate paycheck, Christian immediately starts spending [...]

Jill & Christian Meet

By |2018-08-25T20:49:39+00:00January 1st, 2000|Our Story|

Christian & Jill both move onto the Business Floor of Shelton Hall at Boston University. Jill is a nerd. Christian looks like a beach bum. Jill doesn’t know [...]


By |2018-10-02T15:44:47+00:00January 1st, 1981|Our Story|

Christian is born in Miami, FL. Jill is born in Buffalo, NY. A Bills/Dolphins rivalry immediately commences.