Do I have to be a member to fill a growler?2018-12-17T18:27:24+00:00

Nope. We encourage everybody to fill a growler and take their favorite brews home or to their office fridge (nitro coffee, wink wink). However, becoming a member gives you the chance to get first dibs at the kegs in our cooler, a stainless steel growler to fill your brews in, and a discount on your purchase. Click here to view membership options!

How often does the tap menu change?2018-12-17T18:26:30+00:00

We’ve got almost an entirely new lineup every week. What is consistent is that 12 taps will always be dedicated to Florida craft beer. We’ll always have a kombucha, nitro coffee, and gluten-free option, like cider or hard water, on tap.

Why would I want to get a growler?2018-12-17T18:05:58+00:00

Beer is everywhere. We get it. From the grocery store, to gas stations and liquor stores there is no shortage of craft beer around. However, your selection is limited because not all Florida breweries bottle or can. Even those breweries that DO bottle their brews, they don’t bottle ALL of their brews. That means the only way you can enjoy those breweries anywhere else is to drive to the brewery itself. We’ve made it easy. Come to BRŪ and try craft beverages from around Florida and then bring your favorite ones home. Click here to see our growler options!

Why only 16 taps?2018-12-17T18:04:52+00:00

A gazillion taps is cool if you: 1) Always want to offer the same stuff on tap and 2) Don’t mind some kegs sitting for a while. At BRŪ our 16 taps rotate constantly, ensuring that each keg is fresh and there is always a new offering for you to try. If you’re heartbroken to know that your favorite brew won’t be on next week, fill a few growlers of it and enjoy from the comfort of your home for up to 3 weeks after the growler fill date.  Click here to see what is on tap right now!

Are you a bar? A brewery? A beer store?2018-12-17T17:30:27+00:00

BRŪ is a different kind of place. We’re like a bar in that you can enjoy a pint or flight with us on-site. We’re not your average bar, though, because you can also fill a growler of your favorite brew to go. Our menu is constantly rotating and features beers produced all over the state. BRŪ also uses Pegas CrafTap stations to fill growlers, which give them a shelf-life 3x longer than if they were filled directly from the tap. Lastly, we’re a mom & pop shop. Supporting BRŪ means supporting a family owned business in your neighborhood.

Can I bring my own growler?2018-08-25T23:01:42+00:00

Absolutely, as long as it is 32oz, 64oz or 1 gallon. Please do your best to clean it before bringing it in, however we’ll also give it rinse before we fill.

Can I drink my growler there?2018-08-25T23:00:13+00:00

No. While there is a cost benefit to filling a 64oz growler instead of ordering it by the pint, it is a violation of Florida law to consume a growler on the premise where it was purchased. So… keep your growler sealed while you’re drinking with us and enjoy it once you’re home.

Do you have food?2018-08-25T22:59:35+00:00

We have snack items like (free) pretzels and gourmet popcorn for purchase from Brown Bag Popcorn Company. You are welcome to bring in food to our place as well. GPepper’s Grill is in our plaza for you to order carryout.  And you can always go the Uber Eats route.

Why only Florida beers?2018-08-25T22:57:08+00:00

Did you know there are over 300 breweries in the state of Florida? There are so many craft brews in the state that are not sold in bottles or cans. While we repeat the occasional fan favorite, there are so many fantastic brews produced in our state that we can support our state’s craft industry while still offering a constant rotation of new brews.

Can you get my favorite beer from Gainesville?2018-08-25T22:56:27+00:00

Maybe. We’re always reaching out to breweries to see about bringing in their products. However, Florida’s 3-tiered distribution system requires that all craft beer be sold through a distributor. If your favorite brewery has a contract with a distributor AND that distributor can sell in our county, then the process is easy. If not… then they can still be part of our New Brew Tuesday where we give away free 4oz pours as long as we’re somehow able to fill a few growlers with their brews.

Will you fill gallon growlers?2018-08-25T22:55:38+00:00

Yes. We like your style.

Are kids allowed?2018-08-25T22:54:40+00:00

Yes. We started BRU partially because we’re parents of two young kids and saw that it was challenging for local families to have a place to go to try great craft beers without driving across town to a brewery or sneaking them into a sketchy bar. As long as the kids are keeping volume to a normal level and not smashing glassware, we’re a-okay. We’ve got games out and coloring books behind the bar. If they are rowdy, we’ll give them a pint of nitro coffee and send them to the patio out back.

Do you have gluten-free or alcohol-free options?2018-08-25T22:53:04+00:00

Yes, my darlings, we do not want you to be left out. One of our taps is always dedicated to a gluten-free alcoholic beverage: either a cider, mead, and/or sparkling hard water. And they are FANTASTIC! We also have nitro coffee and kombucha, which are both gluten free and non-alcoholic (*though kombucha may naturally have <0.5% alcohol from the fermentation process).

What is kombucha?2018-08-25T22:45:02+00:00

Called “the elixir of life”, kombucha is a sparkling tea that is full of health benefits including B-vitamins, electrolytes and probiotic. It is a fermented food that is low in sugar, non-alcoholic, and gluten-free. It’s a great brew to combat that afternoon energy slump or as a post-workout recovery drink. And kids enjoy it too as a healthy alternative to soda.

What is nitro coffee?2018-08-25T22:44:08+00:00

Nitro coffee pours like a Guinness and is an all-around beautiful beverage. It’s cold-brewed coffee… which is an entirely different taste than when you finally finish your morning cuppa after two hours of moving it losing it around your house. That cold brew is poured through a nitrogen tap which gives the coffee a creamy foam head. Most customers agree that it’s so smooth, no sugar or creamer is needed. However, we have both and don’t judge if you want to doctor up your drink a bit.

Please note that when you fill nitro cold brew into a growler, it will lose the nitro effect but not the great taste. Be an office hero and surprise your team with a growler of it on Monday morning.