Easy… early knowledge of what’s chilling in our cooler, first dibs at some of the best kegs we get throughout the year, and a discount on the craft beers you already planned to enjoy. 

It’s a great way to support our small business, show your commitment to the Florida brewing community, and get some sweet BRU swag to boot! 

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Did you know there are over 300 breweries in the state of Florida? There are so many craft brews in the state that are not sold in bottles or cans. While we repeat the occasional fan favorite, there are so many fantastic brews produced in our state that we can support our state’s craft industry while still offering a constant rotation of new brews.

We’ve got almost an entirely new lineup every week. What is consistent is that at least 12 taps will always be dedicated to Florida craft beer. We’ll always have a kombucha, nitro coffee, and gluten-free option, like cider or hard water, on tap.

First, it gives you access to so many more craft beer options than traditional bottles or cans. Many breweries around Florida don’t sell prepackaged beers, which means your only way to try and enjoy them would be having a pint at a bar or restaurant. The growler allows you to have your pint, and enjoy the same brew to take home too!

Glass growlers are also excellent for the environment since they are reusable indefinitely with proper care.

We like to think we’ve taken growler enjoyment to another level. With glass, recyclable plastic, and stainless steel options, plus Pegas CrafTap machines to keep your beers fresh for up to three weeks unopened, our mission is to provide you with the best growler experience on the market.

Yes. We like your style.

A gazillion taps is cool if you:

1) Always want to offer the same stuff on tap.
2) Don’t mind some kegs sitting for a while.

At BRŪ our taps rotate constantly, ensuring that each keg is fresh and there is always a new offering for you to try. If you’re heartbroken to know that your favorite brew won’t be on next week, fill a few growlers of it and enjoy from the comfort of your home for up to 3 weeks after the growler fill date.  Click here to see what is on tap right now!

BRŪ is a different kind of place. We’re like a bar in that you can enjoy a pint or flight with us on-site. We’re not your average bar, though, because you can also fill a growler of your favorite brew to go. Our menu is constantly rotating and features beers produced all over the state.

BRŪ also uses Pegas CrafTap stations to fill growlers, which give them a shelf-life 3x longer than if they were filled directly from the tap. Lastly, supporting BRŪ means supporting a locally-owned small business in your neighborhood.

Absolutely, as long as it is 32oz, 64oz or 1 gallon. Please do your best to clean it before bringing it in, however we’ll also give it rinse before we fill.

No. While there is a cost benefit to filling a 64oz growler instead of ordering it by the pint, it is a violation of Florida law to consume a growler on the premise where it was purchased. So… keep your growler sealed while you’re drinking with us and enjoy it once you’re home

Yes, my darlings, we do not want you to be left out. One of our taps is always dedicated to an alcoholic beverage that is not made with gluten: either a cider, hard seltzer, or a mead. And they are FANTASTIC! We also have nitro coffee and kombucha, which are both gluten free products and non-alcoholic (*though kombucha may naturally have <0.5% alcohol from the fermentation process).

Please keep in mind, though, that as craft beer is our primary product, there is always a slight chance of cross contamination. If your allergy is life-threatening, please consider a beverage from our fridge selection when available.

Called “the elixir of life”, kombucha is a sparkling tea that is full of health benefits including B-vitamins, electrolytes and probiotic. It is a fermented food that is low in sugar, non-alcoholic, and gluten-free. It’s a great brew to combat that afternoon energy slump or as a post-workout recovery drink. And kids enjoy it too as a healthy alternative to soda.

Nitro coffee pours like a Guinness and is an all-around beautiful beverage. It’s cold-brewed coffee… which is an entirely different taste than when you finally finish your morning cuppa after two hours of moving it losing it around your house. That cold brew is poured through a nitrogen tap which gives the coffee a creamy foam head. Most customers agree that it’s so smooth, no sugar or creamer is needed. However, we have both and don’t judge if you want to doctor up your drink a bit.

Please note that when you fill nitro cold brew into a growler, it will lose the nitro effect but not the great taste. Be an office hero and surprise your team with a growler of it on Monday morning.